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soultrainonline.de >Soul, Funk, Jazz & Urban Grooves< >Germany's Soul Music-Magazine Nr.1<








www.soultrainonline.de >Soul, Funk, Jazz & Urban Grooves< >Germany's Soul Music Magazine Nr.1<



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soultrainonline.de >Soul, Funk, Jazz & Urban Grooves< >Germany's Soul Music-Magazine Nr.1<



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Mindi Abair (13.07.2010)

“I watched the SOUL TRAIN-show here in America religiously. So when I saw that you are doing a magazine called SOUL TRAIN I thought that was the best thing in the world. I think it is amazing for Germany to have an outlet for this style of music, because Soul Music is so great!”


Barry Adamson (25.03.2008):



Simon Allen (The New Mastersounds) (26.02.2014):

"Der SOUL TRAIN ist DAS online-portal für Menschen, denen unsere Art der Musik nachwievor am Herzen liegt!"


Asa (11.01.2008):

“Michael Arens’ SOUL TRAIN - so Soulful and so Real!“


Gerald Alston (The Manhattans) (05.05.2008):

Soultrainonline.de is "Great!!!!" It really keeps our music real and alive. You’re The Greatest!!!!


Roman Andrén (13.04.2010):

“I’m so grateful for being a part of SOUL TRAIN – makes me feel strong in what I do, when life is rough.  THANK YOU!”


Günter Asbeck (The Jim Rockford Band) (06.03.2008):

“Super, dass endlich jemand in Deutschland eine Plattform für Soul-Musik gegründet hat.”


Ayo. (13.11.2008):

SOUL TRAIN – The Best In Soul Music Ever!“


Alexander Barck (Jazzanova) (04.11.2008):

“Musik ist weder Schwarz noch Weiß. Musik ist Universal und kann über Schwarz und Weiß, über Alles, hinweggehen. Genau darüber schreibt der SOUL TRAIN.“


Josh Beagley (Confection) (26.02.2008):

SOUL TRAIN is to Funk as Heidegger is to Philosophy. Indispensable.”


Margaret Bell (01.06.2008):

“Wish you the best with your publication. Keep on keeping on my brother!”


Big Smith (07.03.2008):

“Thanks to the Soooooooooouuuullllll Ttrraaaaaaaaaaaiinnnn for bringing back some fond memories.”


John Black (20.03.2009):

“Glad to see the SOUL TRAIN made a stop in Germany.”


Leo Black (The Dynamites) (19.06.2008):

“The SOUL TRAIN looks really cool! It takes all of us working to make the world a funkier place!”


Bobby (The Jim Rockford Band) (06.03.2008):

“It’s about time the Soul Music is promoted in a good way! Especially nowadays!”

Buffalo Brothers (06.11.2015):

"Your SOUL TRAIN is our soul gain!"


Jeff Cascaro (09.07.2008):

“Thanks for your SOUL TRAIN! It´s a wonderful magazine!!!!”


Emilio Castillo (Tower Of Power) (02.09.2009):

“For me Germany has always been the Soul of Europe. We got there because the people really appreciate Soul Music. So – The SOUL TRAIN @ soultrainonline.de – my kind of magazine! SOUL TO THE MAX!”


Chidi (16.04.2009):

“It's time to get on board the SOUL TRAIN as it continues it's journey & mission of bringing Soul to the City! Well done Michael you make us proud. Germany has a hidden treasure... Keep up the good work Michael, the world needs people like you!”


Dennis Coffey (Funk Brothers) (22.03.2011):

“It’s great to hear Soul Music is alive and well in Germany – thanks to the SOUL TRAIN!”


Alexia Coley (16.10.2014):

"I definitely think it's great that Germany has a home for Soul Music - the SOUL TRAIN! The minute I'm invited I'll be out there!"


The Commodores (01.03.2008):

“Hi Michael, great page!!!!!!”


Nicola Conte (13.08.2008):

“The SOUL TRAIN is one of those magazines that create the right vibe for the music!”


Ida Corr (06.10.2009):

“Soul is life. So - SOUL TRAIN - thank you for being here!“


Eric Darius (26.11.2008):

“The SOUL TRAIN captures the true essence and beauty of music…music for the soul!”


August Darnell (Kid Creole & The Coconuts) (31.03.2008):

SOUL TRAIN is not only for your Soul, but it’s also for your brain! You can not live without it!”


DJ Cam (Laurent Daumail) (14.10.2011):

“I know that the SOUL TRAIN is one of the great music-magazines I Germany! I also love it because it covers a lot of different artists, sometimes artists that no other magazine cares about. Big artists and underground artists as well… I also remember that it used to be a paper magazine, about ten years or so ago (BLACK MUSIC, Anm. D. Red.)! I used to DJ a lot in Germany back then and I do remember it!“


DJ Vadim (23.03.2009):

“Finally – a breath of fresh air. Soultrainonline.de Deutschland – we need Soul, we need Love, we need the SOUL TRAIN!”


Lisa Doby (23.10.2009):

“If you like to hear the crossroads where Soul and Rock can meet, then the SOUL TRAIN is a great meeting point!”


Conya Doss (07.03.2008):

“SOUL TRAIN ist zunächst mal ein großartiger Name. Viele Menschen wissen gar nicht, dass er sehr traditionsreich ist. Zum Magazin selbst: Ich finde es einfach gut, dass es durch den SOUL TRAIN ein Sprachrohr für Soul in Deutschland gibt! Das macht den Soul universell und hält ihn am Leben!”


Stee Downes (02.12.2008):

“The SOUL TRAIN supports new soul artists from home and abroad. Get on board the SOUL TRAIN!“


Douyé (13.08.2008):



George Duke (14.08.2008) :

“If you like your music Soulful, if you like your Funk with a Groove, then you wanna get into the SOUL TRAIN – and stay off the bus!!!”


Dwele (09.06.2010):

“It’s good to see that Soul Music is livin’ outside the walls of the U.S. and that the SOUL TRAIN is keepin’ it alive in Germany!“


Sly Dunbar (Sly & Robbie) (20.02.2012):

“I think the SOUL TRAIN-magazine, the only one for Soul Music in Germany, is great!”


Earl Dwayne (08.06.2011):

“Michael, you are ”NFlow“ with what your gifts and your talents are!” (“NFlow” is the title of Earl Dwayne’s latest Album)

“You, Michael and The SOUL TRAIN are the true gate keepers of Soul! And if Soul is to survive and to continue to flow and flourish I would always want to be entrusted to the care of The SOUL TRAIN!”


Ephemerals (Nicolas Hillman Mondegreen) (18.09.2015):

"SOUL TRAIN, the magazine that gets to the Soul of music!"


Estelle (25.03.2008):

“I’m so happy that Soul Music has a place to go in Germany - the SOUL TRAIN!“


Ebony Evans (01.03.2008):

“Thanks for your friendship and support Michael :) Wishing you continued success.”


Glenn Fallows (The Impellers) (30.04.2012):

"SOUL TRAIN is like an encyclopedia of good music. We are big, big fans!"


Lance Ferguson (The Bamboos/Lanu) (06.04.2010):

SOUL TRAIN is opening the ears of the next generation to the best progressive Soul Music from all over the world!”


Amp Fiddler (27.08.2008):

“I really appreciate what you do. Because what you do is that you promote the record, which is what we really need. That way I can get people to buy the record so that we can go on tour. We need a certain level of demand to be able to go on tour. SOUL TRAIN is the site that creates the future for people to hear the next generation and the next spirit of Soul Music!”


Freddy Fischer (Freddy Fischer & His Cosmic Rocktime Band) (08.12.2009):

SOUL TRAIN ist der Seelenzug der über die gesamt Welt fährt, und alle miteinander verbindet. Die SOUL TRAIN-Dampfmaschine sagt dabei allen, dass es mit dieser Energie, dieser Soul-Energie, immer so weiter geht.“


Five Star (24.02.2008):

“Thanks Michael!”


Martin Fry (Vice Versa/ABC) (03.11.2008):

“The fire’s still burning – Soul Music is important! The audience is getting bigger – thanks to the SOUL TRAIN!”


 Karen Gibson Roc (28.10.2008):

“Soultrainonline.de is more than important to the world it is a necessity. Michael Arens has vision and is a true spirit. The website is engaging and informative as well as extremely supportive of the true artist. The soul is nourished by the truth that is soul music and soultrainonline.de feeds the heart and reminds us that this music is important!”


Preston Glass (24.06.2008):

“I appreciate the scope of the website. You got your interviews, your reviews, your archive, your philosophy... I like that the SOUL TRAIN is honoring Soul Music. As Little Richard said – RnB and Soul Music had a baby and called it Rock’n’Roll!”


Macy Gray (28.11.2014):

SOUL TRAIN: You ask good questions!


Glenn Gregory (Heaven 17 / British Electric Foundation (BEF) / Eskimo / Honeyroot / etc.) (29.05.2008):

“I’ve read a review about our Honeyroot-album ”The Sun Will Come“: ”It is the most soulful, beautiful piece of music I have heard for years.“ And that is why we want to be on your site, because the SOUL TRAIN is after REAL Soul Music. The SOUL TRAIN is the FEEDER of the Soul!”


Terri Green (Terri B./The Terri Green Project / etc.) (16.12.2008):

“Michael Arens and the SOUL TRAIN: We’re really blessed to have you - thank god you exist!”


Rob Hardt (Cool Million/Seductive Souls Musiq) (21.08.2008):
“Hi Michael! Danke, dass Du die Seele des Souls auch den deutschsprachigen Lesern näher bringst.
Super Magazin... Super soulful mag where you can feel the love for soul musiq. You guys must be musiq junkies :-) One Love!”


Heidi (08.04.2008):

“If it wasn’t for SOUL TRAIN, where would Soul be in Germany?”


Stefanie Heinzmann (15.03.2008):

“Der Soul kommt zu wenig an die jungen Leute. Es gibt zwar Joss Stone, aber mehr ist da Soul- oder Funk-technisch wirklich kaum noch auf dem Markt. Ich finde, einfach, dass Soul viel mehr an die jungen Menschen herangetragen werden sollte, anstatt “Schnuffel“ und so was. Ich und der SOUL TRAIN, wir versuchen, das zu ändern!”


Helen & Terry (24.02.2008):

“Lovin’ your page!”


Glen Anthony Henry (07.04.2008):

“All aboard the funkiest, coolest train in town! SOUL TRAIN Big Up!!!”


Richard A. Hewson (RAH Band) (28.07.2011):

“A magazine of that nature is what is needed for people of our type. The SOUL TRAIN is great to grow information and feed our souls... really – the SOUL TRAIN feeds your soul!”


The Hi-Fly Orchestra (25.06.2013):

The SOUL TRAIN - all our favorite music on one website!”


Gregor Hilden (13.04.2008):

“Der SOUL TRAIN ist endlich einmal eine (Internet)Seite, auf die ich noch öfters schauen werde. ES GEHT ECHT FUNKY ZU!“


Rory Hoy (14.09.2010):

“Buy a ticket to Funky Town and get on board the SOUL TRAIN for the best in music magazines.”


Ice Cube (N.W.A.) (16.09.2010):

“Yo what’s up – this is your boy Ice Cube. You know what I’m doin’? I’m on the SOUL TRAIN! You know how we do… Germany’s finest is going’ down, baby! YAY YAY!”


Kay Jackson (Nicolay & Kay) (12.02.2008):

“Your true source in Soul - SOUL TRAIN! Don’t forget it!”


The Jacksons (19.12.2012):

Thank you for the support SOUL TRAIN! We love your readers and we thank you for taking the time to speak with us!


Leela James (27.09.2012):

"The SOUL TRAIN - I love music and it's in my soul"


Jaqee (06.05.2008):

SOUL TRAIN will open your mind and soul. Isn’t that just what we need? Keep up the good energy!“


Garland Jeffreys (13.08.2012):

"I love the idea that there's a magazine called SOUL TRAIN and it's in Germany! Germany could surely use more Soul Music, as it is certainly an enormous influence in music all around the world. The fact that you have such a magazine is a tribute to you. Black Music finds a new home!"


Jet Tricks (05.06.2010):

“All aboard the SOUL TRAIN for the freshest ride in Germany!”


Angela Johnson (18.02.2008):

“The SOUL TRAIN really is needed in Germany. We definitely need to continue getting promotion for great music. And the SOUL TRAIN is right on point about that!”


Angela Johnson (20.02.2008):

“(Michael) - I really enjoyed the interview. You asked great questions and I felt like it was just a conversation between the both of us. I look forward to the day we meet! Thanks again for the opportunity to be interviewed by you.”


John Johnson (02.04.2008):

“Great site Michael, take care and keep in touch. One love!”


Sly Johnson (Silvére Johnson) (27.10.2015):

"A good soul to follow. All aboard the SOUL TRAIN! Longue vie et tout le meilleir du monde! Keep it funky!"


Dr. Bob Jones (22.09.2008):

“I like SOUL TRAIN very much. The features, graphics and reviews are brilliant and it has a great ‘feel’ to it. I like the way that your on-line magazine does not live in the past and keeps pushing the music forward- much respect for you for that. Lastly THANK YOU SO MUCH for allowing Dr Bob Jones into the inspirational world of SOUL TRAIN. Peace, love and stay blessed- always. - Dr Bob Jones – ‘So Soulful – It Hurt’s! – Sept/08”


Kaleta (Leon Ligan-Majek) (Kaleta & ZoZo Afrobeat/etc.) (11.02.2008):

“Wonderful page. SOUL TRAIN is a really, really good name for the magazine. You hear the title once and you will remember it tomorrow. It focusses on a lot of different styles;  Soul, Jazz and a lot of “black” issues. It’s beautiful. SOUL TRAIN is just a great magazine!”


King Electric (Chris Isepp & Peter Hartwig) (17.12.2012):
"SOUL TRAIN is not just Germany's Soul Music Mag Nr.1, its a real homebase and we are happy to be part of it!"


Kloud 9 (23.10.2008):

“The SOUL TRAIN is Germany’s premier spot on the web to get current and relevant news about all things soulful. If it’s on The SOUL TRAIN.. it’s gotta be Soulful!”


Andreas Knauf (Sundae Soul Recordings) (29.02.2008):

“Endlich ein deutschsprachiges Soulmagazin im Internet mit Klasse! Schade nur, dass ich meinen Computer noch nicht mit in die Badewanne nehmen kann oder um mit den Worten von Jackie Wilson zu sprechen: It thrills me so, I turn a back-over flip.“


Beverley Knight (08.12.2009):

“You guys at the SOUL TRAIN are the leaders of the pack in Germany. And that is wonderful. Like they say about Kellogg’s Cornflakes – you guys are the original and the best!“


Lati Kronlund (Brooklyn Funk Essentials) (30.05.2008):

“From A to B or A to Z - For Funk and Soul, it's the place to be! Brooklyn Funk Essentials take the SOUL TRAIN to the last stop!”


LA CEDILLE (01.03.2008):
“Nice to meet you, your mag looks great!”


Marc Leymann (The Jim Rockford Band) (06.03.2008):

SOUL TRAIN rules!”


Michael Lynche (21.02.2008):

“Let the “Dirty Blues” get into you!!! Holla at you boy!!!”


Teppo „Teddy Rok“ Mäkynen (The Stance Brothers) (21.02.2008):

SOUL TRAIN is the best train to take your mind where it should be; in the world of good music.”


Phil Martin (The Soul Snatchers) (31.03.2008):

“Get yourself on the SOUL TRAIN! Take a ride to the heart of the german soul lovers!”


Jane Maluka (12.02.2008):

“Hab in deine main website reingeschaut, irre interessant! Respect für dein WeltenHerz und Interesse!”


Meeco (11.11.2014):

"Michael Arens from SOUL TRAIN is a very competent and friendly guy! I highly enjoy reading his reviews and appreciate very much his work. Much respect!"


Ariel Meirelless (25.03.2008):

“Very cool magazine...I'll become a reader ;)”


Robin McKelle (21.08.2012):

"Thanks to SOUL TRAIN, people can get hip to SWEET SOUL MUSIC! Thanks for the interview and introducing me to your readers! It’s because of you that I’m able to get out there and do my thing! Lots of love to y’all!"


Sérgio Mendes (25.04.2008):

“I’m very happy to know that Germany has a magazine like the SOUL TRAIN.”


Carsten Mentzel (Stardelay):

SOUL TRAIN - die Speisekarte für Soul-Genuss! (jetzt auch in diesem Universum...)”


Wolfgang Mitschke (Mitschke & Dietz / etc.):

"SOUL TRAIN - das deutschsprachige und informative Magazin für Soul und Soul-Jazz mit Pfiff!!"


Zascha Moktan (29.02.2008):

SOUL TRAIN brings back good times. Big up!”


John Morales (M&M Mixes) (16.11.2009):

SOUL TRAIN - the only place in Germany where it’s all about the music - SOUL MUSIC - in the SOUL TRAIN!“


Scott Morgan (The Solution/etc.) (30.01.2008):

“It’s great that the SOUL TRAIN is on the tip of the Soul Music scene in Germany!”


Mr. Day (Eric Duperray) (05.05.2010):

“You don't need no baggage, you just get on board ... so glad to be on the move, all aboard the SOUL TRAIN!! Keep on keepin’ on!”


Max Mutzke (23.08.2010):

“Ich bin sehr stolz, dass ich endlich mal ein Interview mit dem SOUL TRAIN hatte! Ich hoffe, dass euch in der SOUL TRAIN-Redaktion eure Mission gelingt, dass ihr den Soul in Deutschland genauso etablieren könnt, wie man das mit bereits mit dem Jazz geschafft hat. Ich wünsche Euch da enorm viel Glück und ziehe den Hut vor eurem Ergeiz, das so voranzutreiben!”


Najee (08.09.2009):

“I’m excited to finally connect with the German audience through the SOUL TRAIN!”


Meshell Ndegeocello (11.09.2012):

“I’m so happy that there is a place for Soul Music in Germany! As a person living in America I find that only in my travels to places like Berlin or Paris that there is still a real love for Soul Music. I am very aware that the foundation of all my music is Soul Music. The SOUL TRAIN – please keep it alive!“


Aaron Neville (12.05.2011):

“Get on board the SOUL TRAIN – with me Aaron Neville! I think it’s great for Germany to have a home for Soul music, because it’s really important in the music world!


Nicolay (Nicolay & Kay) (12.02.2008):

SOUL TRAIN is the number one source of information for Soul Music in Germany!”


Astrid North (21.11.2014):

SOUL TRAIN... Ich kann hier neue Musik entdecken. Im Archiv stöbern, Interviews lesen, Konzerttermine erfahren... Immer im Blick: Soul, Funk, Jazz & Urban Grooveszine SOUL TRAIN!


Omar (24.05.2013):

“Keep up with the SOUL TRAIN - it keeps Soul Music in Germany chugging alone!”


Ola Onabule (13.02.2008):

“May the groove be with you!”


Ola Onabule (13.03.2008):

“Everybody knows Germany got Soul! And if you’re looking for a place to ride that Soul into, the SOUL TRAIN is the place to go – and you can find it on www.soultrainonline.de! The SOUL TRAIN – ENJOY!”


Onejiru (Sisters) (13.07.2008):

“”Much love for the SOUL TRAIN. Da lässt es sich chillen. Balsam für die Seele.“


Orgone (23.02.2008):

“Nice to meetcha Michael Arens’ Soooul Traaaain! Peace!”


Dean Parrish (01.03.2008):

“Love, Peace & Soul!”


Jackie Payne (Jackie Payne Steve Edmonson Band / Johnny Otis Band) (15.05.2008):

“It’s nice to see that there is a magazine like the SOUL TRAIN that still covers the music that we love. Without an audience this music will just go away. Considering that it took a century to develop Blues, R&B, and Soul to the point where they are now, it would certainly be a great loss.”

Peo (Per-Olof Dahl) (14.02.2008):

“I think your site looks good and it's great that you explore good artists and music so keep it up!”


Bettina Pohle (03.05.2014):

"Wie schön,  dass es tatsächlich Menschen gibt , die mit musikalischer Hörerfahrung und Leidenschaft schreiben, weil sie WISSEN, worüber sie schreiben - das macht einfach Spaß! Du (Michael Arens, www.soultrainonline.de) machst einfach eine satt gute Arbeit mit SOUL TRAIN!! Es gibt online und offline im Musikbusiness viel zu viele wannabes, wenn man dann auf jemanden stößt, der echt Ahnung hat und soviel Herzblut investiert, ist das wie ein Geschenk!"


Matt Pokora (04.04.2008):

“Es ist gut, dass es Magazine wie den SOUL TRAIN gibt, so dass die Musik der Künstler ihren Weg um die ganze Welt findet. Hoffentlich können die Menschen einen Bezug zu unserer Musik und zu unserer Arbeit im Studio herstellen. Danke für die Unterstützung, SOUL TRAIN!“


Maxi Priest (04.07.2014):

"I believe that Soul Music is something that has translated across the border. Germany is no different from the rest of the world with their appreciation of Soul Music through the SOUL TRAIN! Keep the music vibin', keep the music flowin' - Maxi Priest say so, okay?!"


Rakim (Eric B. & Rakim) (10.05.2010):

“Word up. It’s big what you’re doing with the SOUL TRAIN, ‘cause you’re keeping that era of music alive, where to this day Soul Music impacted the world and the music industry, you know what I mean. So we need to keep that alive, so that younger artists can go back to that fountain of truth, and see what it is, so that when they go in the studio and do what they do – they have the inside!”


Rakim (Eric B. & Rakim) (10.05.2010):

“Yo, what’s going, world. It’s Rakim, man. You know what I mean… Everything is good, ‘specially when you check out that SOUL TRAIN vibe, man. The SOUL TRAIN makes sure you understand music, man, gives you a better understanding of what’s poppin’, makes you a better artist, a better listener, man. What I grew up on is what the world should know. You know what I mean? Big up to y’all the SOUL TRAIN and keep on doing what you’re doing, man - informin’ the world of what it was and what it should always be! It’s Rakim, y’all. Peace!”


Eli “Paperboy” Reed (Eli “Paperboy” Reed & The True Loves) (26.05.2008):

“I’m glad you got this Soul Music-magazine in Germany - the SOUL TRAIN. You got to spread Soul around the world!”


Dianne Reeves (29.02.2008):

“Everybody get on board! There is music for your feet, there is music for your heart. And definitely music to sing. SOUL TRAIN music is infectious, soulful and funky!”


Lene Riebau (22.05.2008):

“This little SOUL TRAIN brings Soul Music from station to station, from nation to nation.”


Mark Reilly (Matt Bianco) (30.06.2009):

“I strongly believe in people’s passions. It always comes through when someone like you has a passion for that kind of music - Soul Music. It’s believable and real.”


Andrew Roachford (08.09.2014)

"When it comes to soul music SOUL TRAIN is keeping Germany on the right track!"


Helen Rogers (The Jazzmasters / etc.) (17.06.2008):

SOUL TRAIN is sooooooo cool!! It is the soul info provider! I love the SOUL TRAIN!”


Raphael Saadiq (Tony! Toni! Toné! / Lucy Pearl) (17.04.2009):

“Ride the wave of the SOUL TRAIN!”


Myles Sanko (05.08.2014):

"We are going to put Soul Music back on the top where it belongs and this will surely happen soon with the help of SOUL TRAINIt is always a pleasure to know that there are SOUL TRAIN-people out there sharing the same passion for good honest music (Soul Music)!"


Gianni “Papa Groove” Sciannamè (Mothergroove) (21.02.2008):

“Respect and Groove from Mothergroove!! Your SOUL TRAIN is so cool man!!”


Rena Scott (08.06.2008):

“Soultrainonline.de is one of the best and most informative magazines on line. It is the only magazine that covers Soul, Funk, R&B, Smooth Jazz and Urban music in Germany . The wonderful thing is we all get to enjoy it world wide. It has great reviews and interviews as well as up to date news about some of your favorite and most talented artist in the world It's all about great music. Thank you so much Michael.

Let's keep good music alive forever.”


Roxanne Shanté (14.09.2008):

“Hey, this is Dr. Roxanne Shanté, and when I’m online, I definitely get on board the SOUL TRAIN - Online – All The Time!”


Sheila E. (07.10.2013):

"I love that Germany has Soul - thanks to the SOUL TRAIN!"


Elizabeth Shepherd (22.09.2014):

"Before the music or the rhythm, beyond the idea or the sound, is the soul. Thank you, SOUL TRAIN, for keeping it alive!"


Bunny Sigler (02.06.2015):

"Read the SOUL TRAIN, so you can widen your knowledge of the music of the world!"


Slakah The Beatchild (24.10.2008):

“There is only one magazine, one voice, one source - and that’s SOUL TRAIN Germany!”


Gizelle Smith (Gizelle Smith & The Mighty Mocambos) (06.11.2009):

“Readers should definitely read the SOUL TRAIN. It’s the most up-to-date and only Soul-magazine in Germany. Check it out - it’s very cool!“


Andrew Spraggon (Sola Rosa) (20.05.2015):

"Soultrainonline.de - wow, what a great site for discovering modern soul in all its different forms. I’m definitely bookmarking this baby. Also thanks so much for the support with our music. Mad props from the Sola Rosa fam in New Zealand!"


Lisa Stansfield (20.11.2013):

"It's beautiful that the SOUL TRAIN is out there promoting Soul Music, because there should be more Soul Music inside us, and not outside us!"


Ova Steel (06.03.2008):

SOUL TRAIN – Thumbs Up!”


Cassandra Steen (01.08.2011):

“Alleine der Titel SOUL TRAIN ist sehr, sehr schön. Erinnert mich natürlich an die Sendung aus den Staaten. Ich find es schön, dass es so etwas überhaupt in Deutschland gibt, dass Soul so in Deutschland vertreten wird!“


Stereo MCs (Rob Birch) (31.08.2011):

“The SOUL TRAIN is a part of the Stereo MCs! We’ve been doing music for over 20 years. It’s great to see that there are still magazines out there who are promoting not only upfront modern club music but also are looking to investigate music which has a different sort of depth, music that is leftfield and music which is experimenting as well as popular music and, of course, soul music.”


Claudio Stevenson (Banda Black Rio) (08.03.2008):
“Salut Michael, thanks for your fantastic support in good music! Best from all of us from the "original" Black Rio Brazil.”


Sam Sullivan (19.03.2009):

“If you like Soul you’ll love the SOUL TRAIN!”


Jimi Tenor (13.11.2009):

“It’s good that Germany has a magazine like the SOUL TRAIN that concentrates on the more soulful music. In Germany electronic music is big. But maybe that is not the ultimate music-genre to listen to. The SOUL TRAIN helps to change that. Soul has a very mental influence on music. It’s good to have that option. It’s good to have the SOUL TRAIN!”


Titiyo (Blacknuss Allstars/etc.) (09.11.2009):

“Ja, es ist gut, dass es den SOUL TRAIN gibt. Es gibt einen großen Fokus auf elektronische Musik und auf das Independent-Genre. Und natürlich gibt es in der Black Music soviel mehr als Jay-Z und Beyoncé und all das kommerzielles Zeug. Und gerade dafür ist es gut, den SOUL TRAIN zu haben. Damit jemand das alles im Auge behalten kann; dass es soviel mehr zu Black Music im weitesten Sine zu sagen gibt… Well done, SOUL TRAIN!”


Tok Tok Tok (10.11.2008):

“Wir finden es sehr schade, dass die Soul-Magazine der letzten Jahre jeweils nicht lange durchgehalten haben, besonders, da Soul-Musik ein Riesenpublikum hat. Umso großartiger, dass es mit www.soultrainonline.de wieder ein Podium gibt, welches die Lücke schließt. Vielleicht ist Soul-Musik auch einfach unserer Seele so nah, dass es schwerer fällt, sie intellektuell von außen zu betrachten, als sie einfach in sich auf zu nehmen?! Übrigens ist die SOUL TRAIN-Website (www.soultrainonline.de) toll gestaltet, und wir haben uns gefreut, dort beim Stöbern auf alte und neue Acts zu treffen! SOUL TRAIN - KEEP UP THE GROOVE!!”


Tuomo (29.06.2009):

“It’s great to have a magazine like the SOUL TRAIN that deals with one genre specifically, especially if that genre is Soul Music!”


Tyson (11.07.2012):

"SOUL TRAIN gave Germany Soul again..."


Laura Vane (Laura Vane & The Vipertones) (14.07.2009):

“It’s great to be supported and featured by the SOUL TRAIN and be part of the Soul scene in Germany and in Euope!”


Stuart Wade (Down To The Bone) (15.09.2009):

“It’s nice that Germany has a home for Soul and Funky Music in the form of the SOUL TRAIN. I just love reading the magazine!”


Nick Waterhouse (02.07.2012):

"The SOUL TRAIN - the go the deepest."


Kenny Wellington (Beggar & Co./Light Of The World/etc.) (26.02.2008):

“We (Beggar & Co./Light Of The World, Anmerkung der Redaktion) are always glad to see mags like the SOUL TRAIN. Not only do you keep the readers informed but you also keep the great tradition going. Blues & Soul, Echoes, SOUL TRAIN and all of those great mags are an important part of the musical framework and very important to both artists and readers.”


Kenny Wellington & Beggar & Co. featuring The Funk Jazz Collective (26.02.2008):

“Dank für das Bilden uns des Albums des Monats im Januar. Die Zeitschrift ist groß und wir überprüfen sie heraus regelmäßig.“ (Kennys loves Deutsch, Anmerkung der Redaktion)


Fred Wesley (07.09.2010):

“I’m riding the SOUL TRAIN in Germany – keep the Funk alive!”


Jake Wherry (The Herbaliser) (16.05.2008):

“The SOUL TRAIN – check it out! Brothers got Soul!”


Doug Wimbish (Living Colour/Tack>>Head/Head>>Fake/etc.) (09.04.2008):

“It’s very simple man. It’s just very important that Germany has a place for Soul Music. Because Soul Music lies in everybody. Then you have to have a frequency to tap in on. And that is the SOUL TRAIN. So check that shit out, ‘cause that’s where the frequency lies in Germany!”


Yosef “Critical“ Wolde-Mariam (Madcon) (15.05.2008):

“The site rocks. Check it out…!”


North “2Unes” Woodall (08.04.2008):

“Ich erinnere mich an die O’Jays. Sie hatten diesen Song, “Love Train“… People all aboard the SOUL TRAIN Germany!”









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